Thursday, March 7, 2013

Digital Images - Lines/Georgia O'Keeffe

With an art background I was aware of the ways in which to use digital images properly. Through this project I have learned quite a bit about copyright issues and laws. As an art student myself, we are allowed to use Google images from the web because they are for educational purposes. Although we are reproducing the image in another form through our artistic medium, we are not reproducing them for public accessibility. Once we are no longer students, and for most of us in the education program, we will have to be aware of the images we use, where we get them from, and the resolution at which we place them on a computer tool. Working with various ways to take, import, edit, and then place images into an album, presentation, or on a website will be things that I continue to use in my future classroom with my students. Visually images are a great way to capture your students attention and to present new information to them in a substantial way without having to verbally discuss everything.

Along with learning how to manage and edit my photos for the best quality on the web, I learned about embedding the slideshows of images from Picasa Web Album and Google presentations to my website. Learning how to work with Google and digital images in this way has been the most beneficial aspect about doing everything through a Google account. I am appreciating the tools that Google offers for me to create a website with many interactive links for my future students and their parents to have access to outside the classroom. Adding in presentations has also been great so that students and parents can see what we will be doing or what we have done in class. It allows them to go back and reference the material from class if they need to.

Overall, the digital images projects have broaden my knowledge about photo editing and sharing in term of usefulness on the web or within the classroom for students learning. I look forward to continuing to build this knowledge and expanding the use of digital images to highlight my lesson plans and projects. 

Below are two slideshows I created in Picasa Web Albums for my students to reference images in relation to learning about lines and the way Georgia O'Keeffe creates beautiful flower compositions.

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